May 16, 2023

Conversion rate focused product page redesign for plant-based protein bar brand

Based in Denver, Colorado, TRUWOMEN plant-based protein bars are the first-of-its-kind to blur the lines between healthy and delicious. Their simple, plant-based ingredients allow them to dream up healthy indulgences that are dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and free of sugar alcohols.

We redesigned TRUWOMEN’s product page with eCommerce best practices, focusing on a clean presentation that inform and incentivize customers to buy, improving the conversion rate. Additionally, we added some important upsell features in order to increase AOV and encourage repeat purchases.  

Project goal

TRUWOMEN’s goal was to increase sales and introduce alternate revenue streams by optimizing their product page. They wanted to make it easier for customers to learn about their products and reduce buying friction.

Product page redesign

We first got onto a call with Erica, the TRUWOMEN founder, to learn about her customers’ pain points, the benefits of TRUWOMEN bars, and to understand the look and feel she wanted to achieve. We also discussed the specific functionality and new features she wanted to introduce. It was important to understand her customers’ perspective. Why they would be interested in the bars and how could we convince them to add the products to their cart?

Next, we drafted and presented product page designs in both mobile and desktop versions based on eCommerce best practices. Our goal was to make the product page as clean and clear as possible. We wanted to take the customer on a journey to not only sell them on the product, but introduce them to the wider TRUWOMEN brand and be a part of the community. Our team wanted to provide incentives to the customer “above the fold” so they would be interested to learn more and add the product to their cart. Another key point in our discussion was upselling features (bundles, subscriptions) and using social proof (reviews, social media feed) in the design. 


TRUWOMEN was using Shogun, a landing page builder, for their product pages. We moved away from this and built a custom product template to implement the design. 


Each protein bar had their own color scheme so we wanted to highlight this on each page while still maintaining the same content structure. We added metafields in order to make the product page template flexible to use and edit. (Psst – don’t know what metafields are? Check out our blog post explaining what they are and how to use them).  

Using metafields to highlight the different color schemes of each product. Daydreaming About Donuts uses a pink and purple color scheme and Saltylicious Almond Love uses a yellow and blue scheme.

Product photos and easy-to-read benefits

We compiled product photos from social media to better highlight each protein bar’s flavor, texture and experience. It was important to show customers the indulgence and deliciousness of the protein bar, rather than just the outside packaging. We added some easy to read benefits so customers could skim fast to make a purchasing decision. These included the per-bar cost breakdown, nutritional content and free shipping threshold to hit. 

Development highlights

  • Incorporated upsells, subscriptions and product bundles to increase AOV and long-term sales
  • Combatted purchasing doubt with FAQ, product reviews, and clear nutritional facts 
  • Curated more dynamic product photos to increase appeal 
  • Added incentives to help customers see the product value (12 bars per box only $2.49 per bar!)

The results

The TRUWOMEN product page redesign was a great success. After 3 months, the conversion rate improved greatly, as shown below:

  • Over 250 reviews
  • Over 50 subscriptions
  • 31% higher sales 
  • 12% higher AOV 
  • Increased conversion rate by 20%

Note: these percentages are compared against the previous quarter’s data

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