July 27, 2023

Top takeaways from Shopify Editions Summer 2023

On July 26th Shopify announced their Shopify Editions Summer 2023 platform updates. These bi-annual announcements contain hundreds of new features across the Shopify platform, multi-channel, B2B, POS, checkout, developer tools and more. We’re going to give you the top features from Shopify Editions Summer 2023 that will be important for your business this year. 

For everyone:

Shopify Magic: Shopify’s long-awaited AI tool

You can reply to your customers faster with AI generated responses to common questions. This is done within the AI chatbot feature in Shopify Inbox. Pre-approve AI generated answers to shipping questions or FAQs pulled from your store. You’ll get the final word in, and it will save you lots of time when you can’t personally reply to everything.

Use Shopify Magic to help you with your writing! Generate email subject lines and email content within Shopify Email when you’re doing your email marketing. You can even generate product descriptions based on your text prompt.

Shopify Bundles app

If you’re trying out product bundles for the first time, or only need simple, fixed bundles, consider trying this out. Shopify’s new native bundle app allows you to add bundles and manage them in an easy to use interface. If you want mix and match bundles or a more complex use case, you’ll need to use another app.  

For curators or marketplace owners:

Shopify Collective – discover and curate new products from suppliers

This is perfect if you are a curator or run a marketplace. You can choose to include participating suppliers’ products in your store with no responsibility. Plus you earn a margin on what you sell. Connect with brands, add their products to your store in minutes, and earn margin on what you sell.

You don’t have to worry about order syncing, inventory and warehousing management. Sit back and let the money roll in.

Shopify Marketplace Connect app

If you’re someone who sells on multiple sales channels, you know that managing it all can be hard. You would have to download that company’s sales channel app and remember to check on every app for the status. Now with Shopify marketplace connect, you can manage all your major marketplace sales channels in one place – anywhere from Walmart to Amazon to eBay.

For global store owners:

Contextual theme templates – show different content depending on the market or for your B2B customers

Shopify Markets allows you to customize how you sell in different countries. You can set the purchase currency, bulk edit prices (if you have to increase prices by 5% in Germany for example), and set specific shipping and payment methods.

However the downside was that the content of your site would be the exact same for all markets. The only way to have different content and themes was to create an entirely new store or have an expansion store. Now Shopify allows you to set different content directly in the theme editor!

For B2B store owners:

Volume pricing and quick order lists for B2B

This will save A LOT of hassle for those of you that offer D2C and B2B.

  • Set volume pricing for your B2B customers with no change to your D2C storefront.
  • Offer quick order lists to allow customers to bulk buy variants directly from the product page

[COMING SOON] B2B – customers can save their credit card info

Customers can now save their credit card information directly on your store so next time checkout will be faster and more convenient. They can also edit their payment details as needed right from within their account.

For those on Shopify Plus:

Checkout extensions are bigger and better than ever

Checkout extensions allow developers to customize your checkout to your business. With product and subscription upsells, address validation, and more – you can get target your customers in one place before they complete their purchase.

  • Merge and expand cart line items and build custom product bundle offerings with the Cart Transform Function
  • Customize delivery options in the checkout like pickup times, dates and instructions

One-page checkout is coming later this year

Instead of the 3 page checkout, Shopify’s one-page checkout will be rolling out later this year. Increase page speed and get your orders in faster.

And some smaller things that are available:

  1. Customers can now combine up to 5 discounts. You can tailor how discounts can be combined together so you have full control 
  2. You can now split and merge orders so customers get their products faster and you save on shipping cost
  3. You can now extend metaobjects even more by building custom landing pages with them

The final word

These are some huge updates coming from Shopify Editions Summer 2023. Some of these features will not be available immediately. If any of these features pique your interest for your Shopify store, reach out to Plentiful Commerce! We can help you plan it on your roadmap and implement it so you stay ahead of the curve.

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